~Monday. Jan 24th, 2011. ~ Daily Affirmation~...

~Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail~

Ralph Waldo Emerson

~Cali’s word~ Sat. Jan.22nd, 2011 ~ The Meaning of a Dream...

I woke to a call today from a friend telling me she had a dream I had died. For many dreams like this can be interpreted into many things. For myself, I have always liked to belive that the death of something always means the start of something greater. An elder dies, a baby is born..etc…

But when we speak about dreams in the respect of our goals, our ambitions, and what we want to become. Are we just talking, letting our feet sit wading in the water letting our visions become stagnant? Have we lost sight of what we always wanted to do because of the “what we have to do”. We often find ourselves saying “if there were only more hours in the day.” But my friends, I am here to tell you this a good friend told me…”life is not too short to work on your dreams.”

Never forget that dream my friends. Hold steadfast. Don’t wake up one day and tell yourself “I could have been a writer, if I wasn’t to busy worry about what people would think.  If I had gotten past that writers block;  if I had got back my ‘mojo’.” “I could have been a great photographer or artist…… if I had just put more heart into what was important instead of , well lets just be real here, instead of fucking off!

A dream means something different to everyone. For so many it means to become a  famous person and have the entire world know them, see their face on a billboard, or on some gatorade commercial or what not.

For other people, it could mean that their life is complete because they made a difference in just one persons life; they touched the soul of just one person and possibly changed their life for the better.

As artists, we have that power. I ask you today to take your music, your writing, your photography, your faith….and change one persons life. Open one persons eyes.

~ “There are some people who live in a dream world, and there are some who face reality; and then there are those who turn one into the other.” ~

~Daily Affirmation~ Friday, January 21st 2011~...

Live today like you’ll never see another one
Like you won’t be able to take another breathe
Quit looking for depth in the shallow end
Search underneath society’s Lilly-pad façade’s for the anchor of truth hiding out of sight
So like a phantom in the night riding a horseback guided by a lantern without a light
Listen to your hearts beat
Dance to the rhythm of your own drum
Follow your passions and have faith in the unique design of your snowflake
Trust the path in which you fall
Because you never know
You could quite possibly shine as the beacon of light that the people need
Just by being the person you know you’re meant to be

By Lalli

~Daily Affirmation~ Thurs. Jan 20, 2011~...

Life acquires meaning
When we face the conflict
Between our desires
And reality

Adversity is the tempering of one’s mettle. Without it, we cannot know any true meaning in our accomplishments.

~ Daily Affirmation Jan 19th, 2011. Happy Wednesday!! ~...

~ Letting go doesn’t mean giving up… it means moving on. It is one of the hardest things a person can do. Starting at birth, we grasp on to anything we can get our hands on, and hold on as if we will cease to exist when we let go. We feel that letting go is giving up, quitting, and that as we all know is cowardly. But as we grow older we are forced to change our way of thinking. We are forced to realize that letting go means accepting things that cannot be. It means maturing and moving on, no matter how hard you have to fight yourself to do so.” Unknown

Daily Affirmation: January 18th 2011...

“Art is a revolt against fate.”

~ A question to ponder~ Saturday. Jan.15,2011...

When I made this website, it intially was going to be a very selfish self service site strickly for my own photography and writing. After have experienced some like changes experiences, I was forced to ask my question…”What is my legacy?” What will I be remembered for? Sure no one is perfect. We are all human; we have made mistakes. But with time, we grown, we change and we come to terms with this mistakes and we hope that. After I started to think about what I wanted to my legacy to be, I remember thinking I always wanted to make my mark on this work. Not be famous; but as long I as it touched and make a diffference in at least one persons life…then maybe I will have then fulfilled my legacy. Manifesting Thought shortly became a site where I took my love for the arts and wanted to extent it out to the community. Essentially, I have started to try to make it my own legacy.
Over the past few days, I have had the opportunity to ask a few friends this question…”What is your legacy; what is your why?” The answers vary from their children, to their faith, to their hope.
I asked a close friend whom I was close to that I care for myself who had lost her child w/in the last few years and her simple answer was “nothing” since her child day. It brought a tear to my, eye because she was one of the greatest people I knew in my life.

It is now your turn as part of the Manifesting tribe to take some real time to look inside and be introspective and ask yourself the same question….”What is my legacy; What is is that I want to be remembered by?” “What have you done to help one person in this life?” ” Is is your children”…..there are no wrong answers!

We ask that not only you respond to the fan page but for all you registered members, get on to WWW.ManifestingThought a make an actual comment.

This will be here for the whole weekend for you to contemplate your heart…

Monday. Jan 10th, 2011 ~ Daily Quote...

~ The grass may be greener on the the other side, but it’s just as hard to mow.~

Saturday. Jan 8th, 2011 ~ Daily Thought...

One of the things I learnt when I was negotiating was that until I changed myself I could not change others.
~Nelson Mandela

Friday. Jan 7th, 2010...

Practice not doing…when action is pure and selfless, everything settles into its own perfect place.

~Dr Wayne W. Dyer from “Change your thoughts, Change your life.~

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