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Madison Cali Riley ~ “The Brain”
creator/moderator ~ Photography, Written/Spoken Word

Hello all! Welcome to Manifesting Thought!. We would all like to start by telling you a little about ourselves. My name is Madison-Cali, but you can call me Cali.

My love for the arts manifests itself in my photography and poetry writing, but I have a love for all the arts. I use my photography and writing as a way to get all the things I am feeling, whether negative or positive, and all my views on life and the world out to convey a feeling or a message; to turn ugliness into beauty….although some of the art you may see posted by myself may make you wonder where my head is…

 I started Manifesting Thought initially with intentions of having it be a site purely for my own photography and writing; basically under a selfish premise. I was in a dark place until I started to turn to my art.  After some thought, I decided to make this a site that would be open to all people for all art forms, because if my art helped me in that capacity then why not let others get it out too.

I hope that this will become a platform for all new and existing artists to have a place to feel safe in displaying their art, to communicate with one another, and to make new innovative works of art.

I cannot express to all of you how lucky you are to have all of the moderators that have joined the site. All of these guys were friends that I hand picked  not just because they are  incredibly talented artists, but they were pure of heart, and just awesome souls.

I thank you again for visiting our site. ~ Blessings ~



Gary Autz ~ Photography

I am a self taught photographer who started in October of 2008 in Phoenix, AZ. Ever since the first time I picked up my first DSLR I could hardly put it down. My adventures have taken me all over the map of Arizona and California. My passion manifests itself through the viewfinder of a camera with every picture taken. Currently I am broadening my knowledge of arts at Paradise Valley Community College to convey the messages hidden in every second of time.


Shaun Charity  ~ Photography/Web Design


I was born and raised in the suburbs of NY and moved out to San Francisco 7 years ago. I’ve always had a passion for art and design, but didn’t realize it fully until I came to California for college.


Dyer MC- columnist

Her words speak for themselves… she keeps you positive and on a conscious tip. Make sure to tune in for her columns.


Amanda Teis aka Ms Lovely. Singer/Songwriter/Charity and Events Coordinator

Amanda heads Trinity Promotions, a company dedicated to helping promote and get the word out for any non for profit events throught out the valley whose profits got to such thing as Breast Cancer Awareness Walks, to AIDS fundraisers, to child and animal abuse, and to victims of domestic violence. We call her Ms Lovely because anything she touches she makes beautiful. Aside from heading Trinity Promotions, she is also was also blessed with an amazing voice and a great insight, and if you have had a chance to read any of her daily affirmations, you will see what we mean.

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