Fortune Cookie Wisdom…

In life we hold onto things that we would like to believe are emotions; things like love, hate , and jealousy. But if we were to break these words down to their basic meaning, we would find that they are really not emotions, but actions that derive from emotions.

For instance-hate. To say that you hate someone or something, well hate is a basic derivative of the emotion of sadness. Loss is never easy and moving on is hard. A wise person once told me that people respond from fear with anger. Another basic emotion of hate. In a way to protect yourself, sometimes your sadness manifests itself in ways that we cannot control…such as hate.

Jealousy- in it’s basic form, jealousy is fear. A fear of loss and a lack of trust. An assumption that the other person is having a lot more fun than they really are. One of the most wasted emotion; correction one of the most wasted thought processes. There are so many more useful feelings to be feeling; happiness, joy, and bliss.

And finally, love..  ancient philosophers have even argued that love is not an emotion. It is a very powerful unforeseen force that can make you do and say things you would never under normal circumstances see yourself doing. For instance ,it can make you act in a hateful manner based on jealous assumptions.So many songs are written about love in the respect that people want to be shown, not just told. We need more than words to express these things.

You can punch a wall to express anger and hate (sadness). You can covet your lover to prevent them from leaving you sight and justify your jealousy (fear)….. But love, you can’t touch it, you can’t covet it. It’s the one intangible thing can make speak volumes of emotions of without saying a single word. It’s an action. 

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