What connects us all…?

“When I find myself fading, I close my eyes and realize my friends are my energy”
~Author Unknown

I recently had an experience with a friend that had brought me to the thought….What connects us all…? I had a dream about a mutual acquaintance, someone I have only hung out with twice, but talk to all the time on facebook and things of that nature. In my dream, we had plans and she had cancelled on me because she had an appointment to go get chemo-therapy. Little did I know that she had a history of cancer in her family and had recently met someone who was diagnosed with cancer and was given a little of 5 months to live.; so needless to say it had been on her mind a lot… So again, I ask you….What connects us all? Is in an inate ability to know when something is wrong with someone- even though you may not know them well or even hang out with them on a regular basis? Are our dreams a link to the energy that connects us all to each other and to this earth? When is the last time you checked on a friend you hadn’t spoken to in a while? Or even asked a family member what was going on in their life, rather than always going on about your own. Do we let the daily grind of our life dull our connection to the energy that we all harness? Live, Love, Laugh.



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