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Do You Recognize These Tinnitus Symptoms?...

The Symptoms of Tinnitus That Are Experienced By Many

Tinnitus is something that many people never think about until they start experiencing the symptoms. You may eventually hear ringing noises, or other similar sounds in your ears, which could be for a few different reasons. There’s often a mysterious origin, but sometimes it’s just something simple. Tinnitus symptoms can manifest themselves in various ways, and in this article we’ll be looking at them.

There are certain medical conditions that can cause tinnitus symptoms, and in these cases it’s important to get medical attention. Blood circulation problems, which can cause either high or low blood pressure can sometimes cause tinnitus. If cholesterol builds up in the arteries it can cause atherosclerosis, which is another potential cause. If this is the cause it is crucial to reduce the levels of cholesterol in your blood. The symptoms of tinnitus can also be brought about by additional illnesses, like diabetes or thyroid problems. The good thing is that these causes can be treated, so you will be able to control or even eliminate your tinnitus. Even though tinnitus is harder to treat when there is no simple cause, there are medications that are able to reduce the symptoms.

You may not always have tinnitus symptoms in both ears (bilateral tinnitus). Some people get unilateral tinnitus, which is when it just manifests in one ear. In most cases, this is the left ear. There isn’t any difference in what is responsible for the tinnitus symptoms of unilateral tinnitus or bilateral tinnitus.

Ear wax buildup in an ear is often the culprit that causes tinnitus symptoms. Another cause can be an acute ear infection. Like with other illnesses, if your health care provider prescribes an antibiotic to clear up your ear infection, your tinnitus symptoms can become worse. Other medications as well, which you might be taking for any kind of medical or psychological problem, can be a contributing factor with tinnitus.

Even though a simple buildup of ear wax is a common cause of tinnitus symptoms, removing the ear wax from your ear canal can be very complicated. You might have a major buildup of earwax in your ears and, if you do, this condition is serious and will not be fixed with just a cleaning. Don’t try to clean the ear wax buildup in your ears by yourself. You could easily damage your ear and end up deaf or with reduced hearing capabilities.

Also, if you use a Q-Tip to try to dig out the wax, you could potentially push the wax further into the ear canal. A 3% solution of Hydrogen Peroxide dropped into your ear with a medicine dropper can bubble the ear wax to the surface of your ear where it can be wiped away. This is a much safer and gentler process. However, the best approach is to simply visit your health care practitioner and let him or her remove the ear wax with the equipment they have for that purpose. Millions of people all over the world suffer from tinnitus every day. During the day, and while you try to sleep at night, tinnitus will cause ringing in your ears that can keep you awake for days. Unfortunately, if you have this problem, you may need some patience to figure out how to best deal with it. While there’s no single cure, it’s usually possible to find an approach that at least makes the symptoms more bearable.

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Dyer’s Hand…...

I’m blocked, It wasn’t my fault just life happens you know and you get caught up with things. It’s not that I can put pen to paper at any time, I have to be in the zone…you know that place when your head speaks as your finger’s wander and you actually make sense,  it’s comforting to get it all out there. I don’t know what to say anymore or type,  I’m to busy thinking it all. My brain is on overload, I think you know what that is! There is so much happening around me that is strange, weird or coincidental…. and its frequent! Overwhelming me. I feel like you might even think it weird but it’s not. It’s real; “The Shift”, it’s in full effect and everyone knows it, but does anyone really know what it is or what to do next?
Shift generally means to change, and we are.

Dyers Hand.

No matter what happens I can never get to work exactly on-time. I shove myself out the door and down the block to the bus stop and there I wait… and wait… I glance across the street, the doughnut store screams “sugar rush”! I can smell the coffee, but I like tea. Its been four minutes and still no bus. A man stands beside me with his StarBucks coffee and brief case, he smiles at me and I half-smile back. We all look down the street together, in our own world’s at the same time. The top of a bus rises up over the hill and we all strain our necks like meercats, “Is this the one?” I’m disappointed, always the same, the bus I need comes in two types, 16 Century city - the type that sticks it out till the end of the route, or, 16 Cedar Seni the type that quits halfway through the route, ironically right at the hospital, the driver screams “Last stop!” and that isn’t worth my wait time, so I’m not exactly impressed when not one, but two Cedar Seni buses pull up within 20mins of each other. I wait some more.

Dyers Hand.

Clean Thinking...

  • Cat Confirmation

I think people are unknowingly tapping into energy that can harm others. Our neighbor hasn’t been friendly with us. I came home one day and she was sitting on the staircase with a book, notepad and pen reading aloud. I noticed her. She noticed me, I smiled, she turned away. She lived alone on the floor below, but today she was sitting on the staircase on my floor level, my gut feeling for some reason was uneasy. I went home. That evening I rested early, It had rained that day and it was cold, My roommate groaned as he switched the heating off for the night. We laughed as he made this sound, reminded me of a disappointed small animal! Just after he made this noise we clearly herd a loud “Meow!” The sound of a cat in the room, almost replying back to him in the dark-ness. A second so shock silence and then. “a cat I asked?” was obviously what I thought I herd but for some reason the image of the neighbor on the stairs appeared in my head, not that I thought to confirm this out Aloud at first! We start looking around for a cat, after turning on the lights and looking all around we take the paranormal view of things. I tell my room mate that thats why in some cultures they where a blue eye, or eye beads, to protect from evil and jealous spirits.



The elevator in our building takes forever, so on our way to work we usually tackle the stairs! We packed everything up and left…I locked up,and took the trash out. We walked down the corridor, down the stairs and as we got to the floor beneath us there was a black lighter. My roommate looked at it and looked at me. We said nothing but I wondered if he saw it too. I picked the lighter up and held it. We carried on down the stairs. I bet this is our neighbors lighter I said, I don’t know why but that evening when we came home I still had the lighter i decided to en-scribe it with the word “PEACE” and use it to burn sage. I do this and place the sage stick and lighter in a dish by the door.



The elevator in our building takes forever so on our way to work we usually tackle the stairs… We packed everything up and left again, This time it was late, we left for an important appointment. One of our work colleges came along and we all left together,  at the bottom step of the first staircase. My roommate walked past it and my work college wasn’t event looking but I saw it… plain and clear on the staircase was a bead.When I looked closer, it was a hand-painted blue eye bead! I smiled. Peace offering?


  • Jinn’s & Thing’s.

How are you’re sleeping habits? I have had many conversations with people who claim to experience O.B.E “Out of Body” experiences, and people who claim something came into their room at night and held them down in their bed. I can relate, Im sure most of us can tell some story. Three years ago I started to experience strange sleeping scenerios. In the Qur’an Jinn humans and angels make up the three sentient creations of God. only Jinn’s and humans have free will, and I think even without noticing they contribute to each others reality’s in some way. Who knows how they all fit together and exist but I think there’s times when they brush each others dimensions.


  • The Final Result.

Had some sad news one morning and I sat on the landing outside the apartment. Another one of those days, I felt very upset and explained to a friend on the phone. I noticed my neighbor walking upstairs, she usually visit some of the other tenants. This time she turned and walked towards me. ”Are you ok?” she asked. I nodded and she turned to walk back downstairs. It was nice of her to ask, I nodded and she went back downstairs. A few hours later I was cleaning, trying to take my mind of things and there was a knock at the door, I opened it and my neighbor was standing in front of me hands on hip “when your done with your chores come downstairs!” she said and walked off back down the stairs. I was left standing for a minute eyebrow raised, once again nice of her to ask, but I had to finish cleaning, and my “to do list” was maxed out that day! The next few hours were long and boring, I kept busy, so I sat down for a minute to drink some tea. Then came again the knock at the door, It had slipped my mind, I opened the door ” Are you coming down? I have cooked for us!” I didn’t expect that. A nice supprize I put on my slippers and went downstairs to enjoy the rest of the afternoon in PEACE.



The Zodiac.

We have all read it … Even if we don’t somebody will probably read it to you. So basically the concept is we all fall into one of the 12 houses that are configured according the path of the sun across the celestial sphere over the course of the year - hence the 12 houses. the term zodiac derives from latin which takes from the greek word “zodiakos kuklos” which actually mean’s Circle of animals… Each house refers to the patterns or configurations of creatures as seen in the star patterns in each section of the celestial sphere, The zodiac belt is a huge circle our sun moves around our planet we refer to where the sun is when it passes that particular section.



Oh man! Where do we start… So anyway I’m convinced there’s certain signs that are deliberately pitted up against one another in an undertone way, not for any certain reason but to keep the motions of the stars. I have always run into other Cancarian’s, Imo sure its common that crabs run into each other… But I’m also stalked by Aries. Im sure they are attracted to our caring nature, or something about our way of making them feel secure, but whatever it is… Im always running in to them and dating them is suppose to be a suicide mission for a cancer… I feel like the zodiac system dictates the way some of us react with one another.



It was one of the moment’s… We googled our signs anxiously wondering if we match. Why does it matter? I mean if the zodiac says we don’t what do we do next? do we run for our lives? … I listened to what was written about my relation to his sign… I listened to his relief that it was obviously me who drove him crazy. and he was just doing him… I listened to the comfort as he read on, more confirmations that he was right and I was wrong… What now? am I the bad apple? He read on and eventually it was my turn I listened… music to my ears the words sounded so comforting as if written for me! … I laughed inside what does it matter? the Zodiac was like my little sister telling me what i want to hear for comfort.



So now i know what is expected of me, I begin to look around and see if other signs are typical to there description. It is not until later in life I realize how similar people from the same sign are! I’m also skeptical of some things but for sure, there is something about people born in the same period and them having some of the same traits or characteristics, or similar behavior or thought patterns. If only we could decipher the sign of a person when we meet them, that would save time trying to figure them out. Isn’t it strange how the universe made perform things from the outside in .. instead of inside out!?



In the end i decide we are what we think .. not what we eat… So what we read and how we process that is very important to our existence. Its not uncommon for a person to think there-self into a situation. Thoughts are like seed’s and we grow and evolve the thought with definite action. Remember when you read our take in any information that sum’s your “self” up… Take time to process this and be sure not to act under the influence.


~Dyer’s Hand~...


I signed up to a popular networking site and began to make friends, before I knew it I had attracted a friends list passing 1000 and networked musicians from all over the world. I had chatted with them and one in particular, based in california, I added to my instant messenger service and began trading music and at first was strictly beats, then we began to talk about life and insight into each others lifestyles. We became close online and chatted almost every day for 3yrs sharing rants and raves and thoughts and ideas franticly typing on the keyboard eagerly awaiting a response. It was the perfect friendship and we often marveled at how much we achieved on line and built up a strong companionship through the internet. I put him on my radio station, the other Djs embraced him like a brother, trading music and referencing each other between shows. One day his mother called he was in a situation she was upset…I wanted to help! I was in another country but in my mind the distance wasn’t an obstacle I told another Dj he offered to cover his show. I reached out and suggested if there is anything he could do contact his mother and gave him her number. The next day both Dj’s came online One rescued the other and they became friends.


When I moved to the states it was different. I didn’t have my familiar friends to confide in I had a few people I met through music but no real bonds with anyone . I tried to keep up with my friends back home through cell phone but in time the calls came few and far between. One friend even visited for a week, I didn’t really hear from her again afterwards. It was strange all my friends had now become my online friends and buddy’s and I never herd there voices. My mother called but my brothers and sisters all became email pals or Im buddy’s. It was strange I ended up meeting a substantial amount of my friends list, when before we communicated via key board cam and pictures, they were now real people in front of me, with music or art the only thing in common. I went to the west coast and eventually got a gig in Los angeles… I turn up and was walking backstage when there was my Dj! I smiled we laughed was the first time we had seen each other in reality and had quoted each other as brother and sister for a while now it was fun, we hung out the whole night it was natural the night ended and we said goodbye “see you online” and we did.


We chatted all night so I came on late that day, he was excited and amused. He explained that his mother had come across some things and he sent pictures. The first one was an old black doll i smiled, her hair was in five large plaits similar to mine growing up, it looked antique and I typed that, He sent another picture this one was a book, a paperback with a purple cover. I didn’t notice at first and then i read the title “Dyers Hand!” I chuckled and typed back, he sent a smiley face and told me that his last name was Hand and that the two names together was a coincidence, especially as we had built our friendship up out of words and typing we kept the book safe.


I got a gig in vegas Konkrete Jungle I was excited I had my Dj from back-home with me, my music father it was a honor, I was already resident and he was visiting so we got in the car and drove to the gig I got there and we went straight to dinner… my online dj is also on the line up. I had already given his productions to my friend from back home and he asked where he was, we were sitting at the dinner table up walks my online Dj friend and taps me on the shoulder! we laugh. Its a weird gig I have my Dj from back home with me, a friend of my marriage because she lived in vegas, my husband friend also randomly turns up! … felt weird I don’t know why. We do the gig and take a picture. We hang out and have drinks then everyone goes to our room. My friend and online dj friend get on great swap music and when he leaves my music father tells me he is one of us!


Things change I began to feel uneasy original plans for america were not working as intended and it felt like time to go home I typed to him. I typed my fears and concerns and although I wanted to leave we both agreed I shouldn’t. most people I spoke with felt like I shouldn’t. His family offered a transitional stay and me and mine took up the offer, for some reason mine decided to pull out a week before we had to leave! It was crazy, he was crazy going out coming home in a frenzy apparently mad at me for something that hadn’t happened yet and then causing such drama that he mad it impossible for him to focus I didn’t know what to expect but I knew I had to leave, so I boarded the plane on time, mine claimed to follow me in a month so I left hoping he would but knowing he wasn’t going to. I left that plane ride was solemn I cried, I closed my eyes, I saw the past three years wished for a solution. I landed in Lax and so it began DYERS HAND…

Tuesday. Jan 11th, 2011 ~ Daily Thought...

“We are of thinking substance and thinking substance always takes form of that which it thinks about!”
~author unknown

Dyer’s Hand…....


These are hard-times. Things are not easy. Most of us are going through it, or know somebody else within close proximity that is going throughit too. Why so many? With all of things we have around us and considering the evolvement of cities and western culture shouldn’t we be at the peaks and joys of humanity….No! Not likely even those who have all the things they feel they need are not happy. Humanity seems lost and with no true soulful substance. These are hard-times. Society has lost the ideal of what we think we need to be happy or successful; and now searching without aim are communities of people looking for what they already know but have forgotten. First, we must be happy in self before we can possibly be happy with what we are born with; it’s all in how you process what you think you need. Remember we are born with nothing but the basic motions of existence. It’s what we discover or are exposed to during life that affects the way we think and feel about things and the way we process that effects how we feel in our environment.


It’s rare to find nowadays, but do you meet people that you feel like you have a connection with? You know when you get to know somebody and you feel like you have so much common ground but you’ve never met them before! Feels funny when you feel familiar or like you have known someone your whole life in a matter of minutes and they’re feeling like a close friend or family. It’s not crazy. I think it’s normal. I view it as a connection or linked entity. I feel like the universe has a system and this system has many forms of thinkers who think, act, and feel just like you do. When you come into contact with them you feel associated, familiar, and at home because you are all part of a group similar to horoscopes in zodiac. Most people react to this in a naive way overwhelmed with amusement and not getting the benefit of these experiences. We should be aware of our likeminded sibling thinkers and build a consciousness, positive power in numbers manifesting thoughts.


Ever heard the saying “Birds of a feather flock together”..? My mother frequently used sayings throughout my childhood so much that my way to rebel against it would be to always have a variety of friends from both high and low places. I probably disguised myself amongst them so she couldn’t figure me out easily. “Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are!” she would say. I grew out of that and began to view things in relation to the laws of attraction. I would use this theory even more later on but my first memories of doing this was as a tool in high school. I mentioned before it wasn’t easy with mum growing up I changed schools alot and I wasn’t always popular; but I would say I was the curious and strange child, with far out and interesting ideas, creative, and multi-talented… so I had some interest. I felt shy so I was the quieter one. I spent time between different homes so I missed school frequently. My mum didn’t have much and it showed, and living with my dad we only wore what the wife brought home from work “Fred Perry!” cool now but then was mostly tennis and sports garments. I felt cool though all the time growing up I felt different or unique and it gave me confidence. I always remained in the coolest circles knew who was who and was kept in the loop. I knew what was up even when my shit was down. I did this in my mind I forgot about my world and lived through myself, I am me and that’s the best I can be!


I went out with friends. We made friends with some other people and before long we were laughing and talking with each other. This one girl reminded me of somebody I knew, but couldn’t recall who I was thinking of. It messed with me for a while. Later we somehow got onto the topic of horoscopes. She told me hers was Virgo. We talked about how I had a friend a long time ago who I had known for about a year. We were like best friends. Got along great, but she left town and I hadn’t heard from her. That was who this girl reminded me of. She was also a Virgo! The girl asked me what she looked like and, though their hair color was different, there mannerisms, character, and the way they carried themselves was identical I replied “Just like you!” She laughed. We have been friends for over a year now.


I have traveled. I have met different faces in different places. It’s remarkable how our universe puts everything we need around us; even duplicating the layout. I often feel like reality has a system, and a layout for each one of us and wherever we are in the world you can find the same landmarks or indications or team members. Whatever you come across that reminds you of yours or something you are used to.


A fish is a fish! no In-between its simple. In some culture and religions fish have symbolic meaning, Eternity, creativity, femininity, good-luck, happiness, knowledge and transformation, I had to have one. I wanted one, it was a surface feeling at first. I went to the Pet store. The tanks pulsing with fish and water creature’s, I felt serene for a moment. I asked a young girl “which ones are you favorites?” and she proudly showed me a tank of white fish that had pink hearts and the word “LOVE” hand painted on them. I smiled. Beta fish are low maintenance? I felt like that was an understatement, I wondered why they live alone and questioned the store assistant. He confidently pointed out a fish that wouldn’t mind a Siamese fighting roommate I asked if I needed anything more and left! I named them prepped the tank and popped them in at the right temperature. I watched them swim down to the bottom and stay there, they didn’t check each other out they just swam around the bottom coming up for air every now and then I told my room-mate and neighbors about them but nobody minded, they wasn’t even interested. The fish seemed calm, not excited almost like they didn’t care for being here, they sat still near the bottom, I assumed they were exhausted, or waiting for somebody to tell them they were fish. That night I read up on Beta fish, I knew i was right, low maintenance… never! why would anyone regard caring for any living thing as low maintenance?



I checked a few times in the night they seemed fine, I woke up in the morning, There they were, both fish one upside down not yet at the top, and the other lopsided, near the bottom, fish die belly upward rising to the surface, its their way of falling. I thought they must’ve disputed during the night and killed each other in a domestic frenzy. I wasn’t sad, a little disappointed. I put them in the carry pot and marched them both back to the pet-store  anxious to know the cause of death! The assistant smiled, we agreed to replace but only one fish, So I went straight to the Siamese fighting fish again… Each of them different, I looked at each individually attentive to there movements and grouping them into a yes or no areas. I remembered the website the night before, It said bond with your fish!  A cat or dog or even a bunny I would’ve held stroked talked to and got to know physically, but picking fish? I felt like I didn’t know them. They say fish can effect your being and environment, just like that any other domesticated pet, and with that I changed the way I thought about fish. One of them jumped and bumped the wall of the jar when I picked him up. He was lively and I turned the jar he stared at me waiting. I thought about the Dead fish, I looked at the colors but there was nothing that made me feel like they chose me! was this why they seemed unimpressed? I took the new fish home. I named him and really watched him and checked him out. He seemed happy.


He survived the night, I watched him checking out his tank, making sure there were no threats. He seemed proud He didn’t have much but a stone and some fluorescent purple but it was home to him. I frequently stroked the glass calling his name. I fed him carefully and watched him gobble the pellets and swim away thankfully through the stone hole. He was happy. I was happy, in a weird way he had made me feel settled. his movement through the water relaxing me, I smiled. Water holds ancient symbolic meaning dealing with the subconscious and depth of knowledge. Water contains the mysterious of the unknown, Divers are still awed by there findings from the deep. It has also been known to be a womb symbol, emblem of birth, fertility and woman-ness, So I now felt it was important how the fish felt in his new home, especially considering its many symbolic meanings, Abundance, knowledge, wisdom and inspiration being a few. Joshua was strong, and bold he was content and he swam happily. He was like me I came here a fish out of water, was called a small fish in a big pond. In ancient European cultures they believed in symbolic meanings of adaptability, determination, and the flow of life, Joshua intrigued me.


Are fish afraid of the dark? I don’t know why but I felt like Joshua needed low lights and set him up with a display of christmas tree lights. His scales highlight with bright colors. I fed him, this was when I noticed him, he was amazing his fins straight up and assuming guard position. he began to strut around the tank and attacking his reflection. I laughed. “Kick back! Joshua…” he continued this for hours. even in aggressiveness he glided across with class, like a diva in a lace dress. It wasn’t to intimidating to be but I admired his courage, He was saying “This is my crib, what’s up?” It was cute, but I couldn’t help but wonder if this would stress him out, I mean he’s never going to win, I hoped it was healthy. I still smiled, still feeling good and watched amusingly for a few more minutes, whispering “Get him Josh!” like the crowd at boxing match. My little fighting fish, I went to bed, if he is going to be doing that all night hell be exhausted in the morning I thought, oh well exercise cant do no harm.


The fish in the water is silent, animals on earth are noisy, birds in the air sing, But human beings has in him the silence of the sea, the noise of the earth and the music of the air. My tank represents my consciousness and my fish is connected to my mind. When I look into the tank I think good thoughts, and try to relax and enjoy Joshua, who reminds me of our beautiful universe and the wonderful things in it. His world is serene, nobody bothers him, his life is simple. Water, air, food. he is happy, his not influenced or brainwashed at all.

“A great lie is like a fish on dry land; it may fret and fling and make frightful bother, but it cannot hurt you. You have only to keep still, and it will die of itself.”

George Crabbe



Known as a modern classic, Its in the Guinness book of world records for the most translated book by a living author, the best selling book in history with over 65-million copies
In more than 150 countries. The author Paulo Coelho writes about a young shepherd boy who has a dream he believes to be prophetic. He decides to travel to Egypt to find treasures experiencing love, danger, opportunities and disaster. Everyone should read this book! It isn’t a long story and still it promotes the clearest message of all. When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it!


14 DEJA VU...

Wakeful- ness in dystopia, sometimes I feel lost, as if I don’t belong. I relate to this environment in a cautious manner, others blind to the reality of our times. I sometimes find comfort in memories of my family, miles away but in the same moment existing and living out their lives, with no interception from mine. memories like dust marks of a world before time. I take a walk down memory lane, and then all of a sudden it hits me… I have been here before, done this already, I already know what it feels like… for a few seconds and then its gone! If only i could grasp it and take it and keep it and tell its secrets, what happens next? where do we go after this? Why can’t I remember. It fades away, like amnesia lost for ever. a memory of a dream, my memory of Utopia like generations of slavery before me.



Is this a dream? Am I awake? My dreams intrigue and bewilder me, frightened or amused its my place where anything is possible, nothing is bound by time or space, I can truly be me. This mysterious world of possibilities, a land where there are no limits, no boundaries, a spectacular display of visuals and symbols and metaphoric scenarios. They say I’m awake, and when I am they call it conscious, I see you and you see me. We see all and we behave and respond to the world around us like electricity in a cell processing and transmitting information by electrical and chemical signaling, through a system of neural processing. I hate systems, I turn it off, now they call me unconscious, now Im in my utopia again, feeling the heightened anabolic state of well-being in the divine shrine in my mind. ascending to a higher plain. leaving my vessel behind.


12 TRAVEL...

It was bound to happen, I can remember people always used to tell me “you will travel!” How could they know? It wasn’t as if I had it like that at first, but somehow they could tell. Thinking about it I never really felt like my hometown was for me. Inside I felt like Earth was my address, where ever I was in the world I felt like I was local, and people warmed to me like they had known me all their life, taking care of me like family without a question. I felt honored most of the time I didn’t really know what it was that convinced them I am “Good People’s” but I agreed and welcomed each being with open arms no matter the walks of life. As I think back I remember all the references to California, silly things like Oranges in my local grocery store, from Cali. or constant commercials on television promoting it to be the place to be! I never expected to be here, but I am, and I will be whether it makes sense or not the reason will come to light in the end.


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