What does it all mean…?...

Often times, we question what our purpose is here in this life. We come to this question when life gives us challenge; when it makes us question ourselves….Ever found yourself asking, “Why is this shit happening to me?”

If you’re questioning the meaning of life because you’ve been unhappy and depressed,stressed to the nines, feel useless, something horrible has happened to you or someone you care about, or you are just looking at the state of the world thinking everything and everybody in it is crazy - then this post is for you……

The forest from the trees…....

“If you can’t see the forest through the trees; then you can’t smell your own shit on your knees.” ~Marilyn Manson

Life…well, that’s what happens to you when you’re too busy trying to make other things happen. There are 1,000 cliches that hold meaning, but I know we’re all sick of hearing them.

I can only speak from my own experiences and hope that my loved ones take my advise and heed my warnings. With that being said; stop and smell the roses!

Life is not a game. It is truly a test. If you cannot figure out the meaning, then that’s the most tragic way to fail.

Happy Monday ! We are back!

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Fortune Cookie Wisdom…...

In life we hold onto things that we would like to believe are emotions; things like love, hate , and jealousy. But if we were to break these words down to their basic meaning, we would find that they are really not emotions, but actions that derive from emotions.

For instance-hate. To say that you hate someone or something, well hate is a basic derivative of the emotion of sadness. Loss is never easy and moving on is hard. A wise person once told me that people respond from fear with anger. Another basic emotion of hate. In a way to protect yourself, sometimes your sadness manifests itself in ways that we cannot control…such as hate.

Jealousy- in it’s basic form, jealousy is fear. A fear of loss and a lack of trust. An assumption that the other person is having a lot more fun than they really are. One of the most wasted emotion; correction one of the most wasted thought processes. There are so many more useful feelings to be feeling; happiness, joy, and bliss.

And finally, love..  ancient philosophers have even argued that love is not an emotion. It is a very powerful unforeseen force that can make you do and say things you would never under normal circumstances see yourself doing. For instance ,it can make you act in a hateful manner based on jealous assumptions.So many songs are written about love in the respect that people want to be shown, not just told. We need more than words to express these things.

You can punch a wall to express anger and hate (sadness). You can covet your lover to prevent them from leaving you sight and justify your jealousy (fear)….. But love, you can’t touch it, you can’t covet it. It’s the one intangible thing can make speak volumes of emotions of without saying a single word. It’s an action. 

Architect of my soul...

The wall around my heart was built with high walls and reinforced steel
The light is my eyes so bright
The courage in my mind so strong to withstand any fight
My smile so bright to make the meanest of men feel
But the architect…he painted my soul so black
Black as the darkest night

The architect; my archetype
None to whom could compare
Stood tall to protect the high walls of my heart
Put the light behind these bright eyes of mine
Showing me the life I had never seen before, things I never imagined
Gave me the courage to stand up for my convictions
Made me have dreams, construct plans, make memories, take pictures with my heart
The walls around began to crumble

The architect built a strong structure
Created in his image
How his well laid plans became
But didnt know what pain lied in his own soul
Why he painted mine as black as the darkest night
Why the constructs of my confine were so familiar
Why the light in my eyes was so bright
Why my walls were so high
Not to let no one in
But so that i couldnt escape myself
Created me in his image, black soul and all
Fought the wrong fight
I loved the wrong man
My soul was also black as the night…
As dark as his dark blue

One day I decided to scale the walls of the confines of my heart
As I tore down the walls brick by brick
I didnt find concrete and mortar, but instead hallow walls

A house of cards
I found those dreams I dreamt were not my own
Those convictions I felt so strongly for…not my own
Those memories were not mine
Pictures I took for him; they didnt have me in them

The architect had his own plans
And he had built them in the hearts and minds of those similar to my own
In those who had no walls, no light, and no dreams
Built fake senses of security and dimished the light that had shown so bright in so many
I got to see my archetype for who he really was…just an architect
I swore the symbols of eternity meant nothing to me
That light was just that…an absense of shadow
And could be made to look the most illest intentions look beautiful when light was shown from the right angle

Now I build my own walls
I have my own light that shines so bright
I have my own memories
A heart
I am the architect of my own soul….

~art /design/ words by me…..~

Jabari drawing on my phone...

Summer time with Deja my Dog...

The Happiest Dog EVER! 

2 ways to live your life…(A Tragic Comedy)....

In the wake of the tragedy of recent events- hurricanes, tsunamis, tornadoes, you are forced to take a stance; a choice of point of view. You can chose to look at life as an opportunity to be selfish or selfless. Take a look at life and rearrange your priorities. Do you view life as a series of moments of truth, or just let the time fly by? Do you take the time to appreciate the people in your life who keep you grounded? Did you smile at a stranger? Did you make a difference in the world?
Sometimes these tragic events aren’t a sign that the world is coming to an end. Maybe, just maybe, it’s a sign that we need to come together as a people. It’s not about our differences, but the seperation within. The next evolution should be a conscious one. A change in our thought processes. Be selfless…

~Gan Aiféala~...

Live Life with No Regrets

Maile’s South Park friends...

Kai’s koo koo bird...

The fork in the road…(When the past comes back to haunt you)...

No matter how hard you try, eventually old places and people tend to always resurface; reminding you of the progress (or lack thereof) you have made in life. Ever found yourself saying “Damn, they’re still up to the same crap?” …or “Damn, I need to take stock in my own life and make some changes” It seems to be the human condition. So, the dilemma is which way to go… You can let your past help guide you, using lessons learned in how you live your life in the present and how you want to live it in the future; or you can let your past hold you back and stay stuck in your head. We’ve all been there…in that bad place in your head space. So what’s the point of all of this? What do we do when this happens…?
Stay focused on your vision on how you want your own future to be. You don’t have to forget the past, but remember that it’s only a mistake if you don’t learn from it.

Window to her Soul...

It seems so often that we see our friends and family face to face; and they seldom really tell you whats bothering them; thinking “oh well, they have their own stuff to worry about, I don’t want to bother them with my stuff” Next time you see your friends and your family, take a strong look into their eyes, listen to their words and ask the question …”what can I do to help, do you need anything.” Sometimes it’s just nice to be able to talk to someone else even it they are telling you their crap because it give you a common group to solve your problems and give each other advise…. remember friends can provide incredible introspection. Rather call them,than sit alone waiting for the answers to just come out of the blue…

Mia’s Blues ~ A short film by Orchid Tao...

A ‘lil introspection…...

Life…….is a cookie.

What connects us all…?...

“When I find myself fading, I close my eyes and realize my friends are my energy”
~Author Unknown

I recently had an experience with a friend that had brought me to the thought….What connects us all…? I had a dream about a mutual acquaintance, someone I have only hung out with twice, but talk to all the time on facebook and things of that nature. In my dream, we had plans and she had cancelled on me because she had an appointment to go get chemo-therapy. Little did I know that she had a history of cancer in her family and had recently met someone who was diagnosed with cancer and was given a little of 5 months to live.; so needless to say it had been on her mind a lot… So again, I ask you….What connects us all? Is in an inate ability to know when something is wrong with someone- even though you may not know them well or even hang out with them on a regular basis? Are our dreams a link to the energy that connects us all to each other and to this earth? When is the last time you checked on a friend you hadn’t spoken to in a while? Or even asked a family member what was going on in their life, rather than always going on about your own. Do we let the daily grind of our life dull our connection to the energy that we all harness? Live, Love, Laugh.



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